CONSIO.IO and CONJA K.K. in Japan sign a strategic partnership to improve productivity and disrupt the project management space in Japan. 

July 8th 2019 – CONSIO.IO is an autonomous project lifcycle management platform that is currently on its way of disrupting the 

US$12.7 trillion global real estate, construction and engineering industry as well as the close to US$500 billion global manufacturing industry. Japan is one of the largest markets for these two areas. 

CONJA K.K. specializes in market entry and representations of foreign businesses in Japan. With their international team, established facilities, business network & contacts in the real estate, telco, construction, manufacturing and event industry, they are perfect partners for CONSIO’s entry into the Japanese market. CONSIO already has a few customers in Japan and this partnership with CONJA will enable CONSIO to support their Japanese customers locally and further expand into this space. 

“Japan is often seen as the final frontier for foreign companies due to its culture, working style, complex regulations, language barriers, cost and time intensiveness. Conja has been supporting businesses from various industries to set foot in the Japanese market and we are proud to partner up with a startup like CONSIO that offers the right solution for many of our customers and partners. We value that the CONSIO team puts in the commitment and time to adapt to local customer needs without compromising on the comprehensive functions offered. We are thrilled about this partnership and are fully focused in supporting the team at CONSIO to realize their vision in Japan” …says Uwe Bast, Representative Director at CONJA K.K Japan.