Next Level Intelligence !

Autonomous Life-cycle Management with AI

Develop a self governing project management system for all your creation projects with artificial intelligence connecting all your stake holders across the globe


Prepare for the AI Revolution


Gather Knowledge with Analytics


Deploy a tested & efficient AI Solution

Interpretation . Explication . Solution

Consio is a cross-disciplinary software as a service to provide a fully transparent system of managing and realizing your projects.


Virtual communication
Task Management & Execution
Governance & Visibility
Integrated Communication &


Pre-populated templates
Automatic process progression
Automatic standard generation
Version & File Management
Pre-integrated platform


Compliance Management
Cognitive knowledge base
Intelligent coordination
Analytics for informed decision
Machine Learning

Why Consio


Create collaboration between all stakeholders with enhanced communication and project tracking tools.

Manage Risk

Identify inconsistencies in standards and workflows at early stages and mitigate potential risks.

Increase Efficiency

Create collaboration between all stakeholders with enhanced communication and project tracking tools.


Monitor Schedule

Gain control over your project by scheduling and monitoring milestones, tasks & events at all stages.

Manage Roles

Manage roles & responsibilities for all team members by identifying and tagging deliverable to individual teams.


Organize Tasks

Identify tasks and workflows for each process and assign an individual or a team to all tasks.

Consio on Mobile

I   Android & iOS   I   Mobile & Tablet Compatibility   I   Dashboards   I   Task Management   I
I   File Management   I   Push Notifications   I   Offline Mode   I
I   Communication   I   Role Based Access   I   Status Updates   I

Implementing Consio

Consio is versatile and scalable to support all stages of life-cycle

Project Management

Full life-cycle Control
Process Management
Roles Based Access Control
Tasks & Teams

Team Communication

Chat Communications
Task Level Discussions
File Level Discussions
Instant Notifications
Group Conversations

Product Development

Common Data Environment
Workflow Management
Milestone Checkpoints
Task Prioritization
Status Monitoring

Design Management

Integration with Creation Tools
Preview design files
Markups and Reviews
Automate Design File sharing
Control Delivery Schedule

Stakeholder Management

Portfolio Management
Performance Monitoring
Status Monitoring
Project Dashboards
Budget Control

Account & Sales

Procurement Planning
Orders & Delivery
Material Handling
Marketing Workflows
Integrated Systems