All you need to manage creation

Team Management

Manage all project stakeholders and team members efficiently with role based access control

Task Management

Effectively manage tasks and follow up on all project related activities between various team members

Data Management

Maintain all project files, design documents on the cloud for better access to latest information

Gantt Chart

Visualize & Manage full project in Consio Gantt Chart View to seamlessly control the project time lines & team workload

All you need to gain control

Process Control

Gain control over multiple processes involved in full project life-cycle with visual flow of activities and tasks

Project Templates

Use pre-populated templates for projects with stages, processes & activities organized


Integrate & view with various applications for easy access to documents as well as import & export consio projects to local environments

One Channel Communication

Manage all modes of communication under Consio to search and find information & automatically convert items to tasks & file uploads

All you need to make decisions

Version Control

Retrieve and manage full project history with custom built version control for project files


Ensure timely delivery and quality by scheduling and prioritizing tasks with customizable notifications

Real-time Analytics

Real time tracking system informs all project members with detail status and risk items with actionable next steps

And Much More!

Compliance Check

Task Automation

Geography Templates

3D Viewer Integrations

Mobile Integrations

Speech Recognition

IOT Integration

Design Tool Integrations

Virtual Assistance

Predictive Analytics

Automated Scheduling

Push Notifications


Skill set Management

Data Automation

Autonomous Life-cycle Management

Combining predictive analytics and knowledge gained by you from various projects, autonomous project management allows for little to no human interaction in project management.

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